Laser Reproductions

Being more of a traditional wood sculptor, I never thought I would have my art be reproduced through a computer with a laser machine. However, after many years of doing shows, and hearing people say that they wish that I had some art that was more affordable.

I am now so happy to be able to provide reproductions of my designs in Koa wood.

Each piece is a miniature sculpture created from the image of the original wood carvings.

The design and story is always the same, however each piece of wood has its own unique grain, making it one-of-a-kind.

Even though it is created with computer technology, lots of human hands are involved in the process. Cutting the slabs of wood, aging them properly, sanding them smooth, and all of the finishing and polishing giving it that handmade feel.

It is also a piece of art that you can be creative with. It can be displayed on your refrigerator or your Christmas tree, office, bedroom, bathroom, or in-laid or glued to enhance furniture. It all depends on where, and how you want display it.

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