Producing a work of art for someone is a little more challenging than creating it on my own.
I generally spend a little more time on it because of preconceived expectations. In other words, I want to make sure they love it.

This is how it works. We agree on all of the details. The size, the subject the material, the price and time of completion.

Depending on where you are in the line of commissions determines when I can get it done for you.
Then I receive 1/3 deposit. When the piece is done, I send you a photo or we arrange to meet and once you completely fall in love with it, I receive final payment and make sure that it is delivered safely to your home.

In 40 years, I’ve only given one full refund. They were very apologetic, but they decided to get a divorce. I sold the same sculpture the next week for twice the price.
I can reproduce any of the images that you see on this site at any size however, I always love to do something different.

Something with meaning that will speak about our story to our children’s children.
Then it is truly one of a kind.

I’ll adopt everyone who purchase a work of art from me you become Hani. A part of the Whitaker ohana.

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“Shiner” Bruce Whitaker


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PO Box 1541, Makawao, HI. 96768.


(808) 269-1867