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“Music is vibration. Everything in the universe is vibrating. Therefore, everything is music”.

I believe that everyone loves music.

It seems to be in our DNA. It is as ancient as our cultures,

and as contemporary as the heart that beats in all of us.

It’s so universal and at the same time so personal.

From a young age, writing songs came naturally to me. It was as if I could hear it on the wind. I feel very blessed growing up with the music of southern Louisiana.

And also blessed being able to experience so much different music during my world travels.

It is one of my favorite form of arts.

Now, after many years and many miles, and so many experiences, I am excited to share my latest recordings with all of you.

Hope you enjoy.

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“Shiner” Bruce Whitaker


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PO Box 1541, Makawao, HI. 96768.


(808) 269-1867