Lovers Dance


This is one of my most popular designs. The story is about the miracle of how men and women fall in love with each other, and how they have to learn to keep dancing with each other.

Men are more like Eagles. We fly high, look far, and are the hunters. But there is a certain sharpness about men. Sometimes they can cut the ones they love without even realizing it.

Women are as deep and mysterious as the ocean. You can see how her design circles around the man. That’s because they are the mothers, and all life comes through the mother. But sometimes they can drowned the ones they love without realizing it.

So in the middle, you will see the eagle and the dolphin just about ready to touch. This reminds us that sometimes we love each other better when we are very close, and sometimes we love each other better further away. But the main thing to remember is to keep on dancing.