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Hand Carved Wood Sculpture

I personally hand select the woods I use allowing each piece to "air dry" for at least one year to insure that there we be no problems for those who live in arid or extreme climates.

Over the years I have used many different types of tropical hard woods as well as hard and soft woods from the mainland. For the last few years I have preferred to work in what the Hawaiian's call "Ohai" or "Monkey Pod". I like this for the contrasting colors, the swirling grain and the strength and durability of this beautiful wood.

Days of hand sanding go into every sculpture and each piece is treated for wood boring pests before the many coats of finish are applied. When a piece is sold, great care goes into packing and shipping fully insured to it's new owner anywhere in the world.

"Honu Day"
21"X 44"
Catalog #A002

"Dolphin Pod"
59"X 21"
Catalog #A005
"Eternal Light"
22"x 40"
Catalog #A006
"Lover's Knot"
Catalog #A008
"As Above So Below"
20"X 40"
Catalog #A010
"Two Extremes"
21"X 60"
Catalog #A011
"Eternal Love"
21"X 59"
Catalog #A014
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