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I am happy to present my reproductions to everyone. This is a project that was inspired by those who wanted my work but couldn't afford the cost of an original wooden sculpture

The small pieces are made from a mixture of cement and plaster, on wire frame for increased strength. The larger ones are made from a mixed media, paper maché for extra strength and durability.

Each piece is hand crafted from a mold taken from the original that I sculpted in clay. After the casting process, time and care goes into trimming and sanding before the many layers of different colored paints followed by a final waxing and polishing.

"Whale Family"
Catalog #RS01
"Sailing to Maui"
Catalog #RS03
"Dolphin Family"
Catalog #RS02
"Goddess of the Dolphins"
Catalog #RM08
"Honu Day"
Catalog #RM09
"Winds of Destiny"
Catalog #RS04
"Dolphin Dream"
Catalog #RS05
"Dream Catcher"
Catalog #RM10
"Lovers Dance"
Catalog #RS06
"Angel of Love"
Catalog #RM07