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In my career, I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people from the art shows that I have done. Quite often people tell me that they wish they had a talent like mine. I tell them that I believe that we are all artists and we all have our own talents that contribute to this masterpiece of art called life.

The most challenging art that we all have to face is to stay healthy and in balance with our body, mind and spirit. It is to be loving parents, spouse, family member, neighbor and friend. For anyone to take the time to help someone they don't know is the kind of art that changes the world.

In my training, I have learned how to look where the eyes cannot see. With my imagination I can visualize images within the grain of the wood. With the help of chisels and chain-saw, sandpaper and sweat, and sometimes a drop of blood, I can create a work of art that becomes not only something beautiful but adds meaning and value to another person.

Aloha. I am "Shiner" Bruce Whitaker.

If it is true that we all have a destiny in life, then mine is to create art. It is my continuing aspiration that my works add beauty, inspiration and meaning into our world of uncertainty and change.

For me, the "real art" is not just the design in wood or on canvas, or a musical composition. It is the experience that one has or feels. That's what I go for when I create.